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AgroCares (previously Dutch Sprouts) develops affordable, innovative and efficient solutions for farmers worldwide to monitor the quality of their soil, crops and inputs. The company provides farmers with smart and easy-to-use tools that inform them about factors that influence their production, such as soil fertility and feed nutrients. AgroCares provides this advice by combining various sensors and complex databases in its products. This allows farmers, both in developed and developing markets, to increase their yields and enhance their revenue, thereby contributing to increasing food security.

For soil analysis, AgroCares’ subsidiary SoilCares has launched two products that provide fertiliser and other soil recommendations. The first product is the Lab-in-a-Box, a compact modern laboratory that enables real time soil analysis on-site. The second product is the Scanner, a handheld device that provides quick on-the-spot soil and feed recommendations on a smartphone.

For the feed market, the company has developed a feed analysis tool together with Trouw Nutrition, a subsidiary of Nutreco. This innovation enables farmers, integrators, compound feed industries and consultants to analyse all kind of raw materials, silages and feeds for a large range of nutrients on-site and in real-time with the hand held Scanner.

AgroCares aims to have a positive impact on food security by increasing productivity, decreasing input cost and increasing food value chain stability.  Currently only 2% of farmers worldwide have access to soil laboratories, mostly in developed markets. An estimated 300 million small farms, on which an average of five people depend for their livelihood, cannot afford or even access soil analysis services. These farms are the backbone of local agricultural production, often in areas with food security issues. AgroCares wants to improve this and support farmers worldwide to increase their yields by providing them with intuitive, smart and affordable solutions in order to monitor crop, feed and soil quality.

Veris recognised the potential of AgroCares’ innovative products and agricultural and data experts. Together with Nimbus, Veris acts as a sparring partner for AgroCares to be a leading supplier of soil and feed analysis products with sensor technologies and assisting farmers worldwide to increase their yields.


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