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What we focus on.

Veris Investments is an independent investment company that makes equity and mezzanine investments in companies and projects with activities in the food value chain in Sub-Saharan Africa. Through investment in the development of a strong and competitive private food sector, our goal is to make a positive impact on food security in the region. While currently a net importer of food and troubled by the highest undernourishment rates reported globally, the region has the potential to play a crucial role in meeting the food requirements of its own rapidly growing population as well as the rising demand for food globally.


How we assess impact.

Availability of food

This concerns the supply side of food security, where investments can help increase productivity and production, reduce food losses and improve food variety and quality.

Affordability of food

Our investments in the food value chain can also improve access to food by increasing sustainable incomes and employment and/or reducing food prices.

Stability of the food system

The stability of the food system can be improved by investments that e.g. reduce import dependency, diversify markets, strengthen supply chains, or improve infrastructure.


What we value in our investments.

An attractive business model
A good positioning
Activities within the food value chain
Competitive returns
Strong management teams
Collaborative relationships
An investment size of between €1 million and €12 million
Significant minority or majority equity positions
A positive impact on food security
Suitable standards

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