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Veris Investments is an independent investment company that makes equity and mezzanine investments in companies and projects with activities in the food value chain in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Businesses we have developed and invested in


Our investment approach is based on the following principles:

Competitive businesses

We believe that the development of a competitive private food sector will be crucial in achieving a sustained positive impact on food security.

Focus on the food value chain

This involves activities along the whole of the food value chain, including agricultural inputs, primary production, services, infrastructure, logistics, storage, processing, wholesale and retail.

Long term commitment

As an investment company, Veris Investments has the ability to make long-term equity investments in the growth and development of companies.

Active involvement

It is our goal to create long-term value by helping to grow and develop companies and projects in close co-operation with their own management teams by actively supporting them in executing their strategies.

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